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How It Works

If you are new to making your own wine, you might have some questions! We have put together this handy step-by-step guide, as well as an FAQ page to help you out.

  1. Come into the store and select the type of wine that you want to make. We can help you pick by telling you more about each variety (or check out our products page!).When paying for your kit, you will have to sign a contract, as required by law. This acknowledges that you are making the wine for personal use and not for sale. This also transfers the ownership of the wine from The Wine Making Place to you.
  2. The law requires that you add the package of yeast to the wine to begin the fermentation process.
  3. Make a bottling appointment.
  4. Wait 28 days. This is literally the hardest part of the whole thing! While you are waiting for your wine, we will be racking, clarifying and filtering it.
  5. Come in at your appointment time for bottling. Please make sure that your bottles have been cleaned at home. Do not use detergents to clean them (do a cold water rinse after you consume your wine). You will sterilize your bottles at our facility before filling. You may decide to add shrink caps and labels to make your wine look more professional. The whole process takes about 30 minutes.
  6. Take your wine home and enjoy!

Did you know you can make your wine entirely at home?

Yes – you can! We carry all of the supplies that you need and the wine kits come with complete instructions.

Find out more:

4-8 week wine kits –

Wine kits with grape skins –

Fruit Mist Wine Kits –

Dessert Wine and Icewine styles –

The instructions also give you a complete equipment list.

Don’t want to buy all of the equipment and store it at home? We’ve got you covered! That’s the beauty of making your own wine at The Wine Making Place. We have all of the equipment, ready and waiting for you to use.

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