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Passport 2023-Malbec

Malbec Carmenère, Maipo Valley, Chile

Maipo Valley produces some of the most prestigious Chilean wines South of Santiago and extends east to the Andes Mountains and west to the Coast Mild Mediterranean climate is dry with warm summers and cold wet winters

Sweetness: Dry
Body: Full
Oak: Medium

13% alcohol

Passport 2023-Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir Merlot Syrah, Riverland, Austraila

The Riverland region is the largest producer of wine in Australia Scenic region extends along the Murray River for more than 300 kms Hot, dry continental climate with endless sunshine and cool nights – perfect for growing grapes.

Sweetness: Dry
Body: Medium
Oak: Medium

13% alcohol

Passport-2023 Red Cabernet Zinfancel

Cabernet Zinfandel, Lodi, California

Zinfandel capital of the world with moderate Mediterranean climate – warm days, low humidity and cool nights. Mineral rich soils contribute to complex flavours in the fruit.

Sweetness: Dry
Body: Full
Oak: Heavy

14% alcohol

Passport-2023 Bourbon

Bourbon Chardonnay, Riverland, Australia

With more Chardonnay plantings than all the Southern wine growing regions combined in Australia, Chardonnay from this region is vibrant with ripe flavours and oak is often used to add further complexity. Continental climate with flat terrain and long hours of sunshine ensure fully ripe and flavourful fruit.

Sweetness: Dry
Body: Full
Oak: Heavy

12.5% alcohol

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Release dates for 2023 Series: Malbec Carmenère (December 2022); Bourbon Chardonnay (January 2023); Pinot Noir Merlot Syrah (February 2023); Cabernet Zinfandel (March 2023).

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